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ISA West 24-27 September, 2020

Presenting paper on the role of the military in managing hybrid threats and hybrid warfare in the grey-zone at the International Studies Association (ISA) West’s annual conference 24-27 September. It was a great panel I would like to thank my panelist at the “Space and Cyberspace” panel and the chair Brandon Valeriano for great comments.


EU-ROK strategic dialogue

On 14 September I participated in the EU-ROK strategic Dialogue organised by the Sofia Security Forum and the Korean Institute for Defence Analysis (KIDA). The Korean and European participants engaged in discussions on a wide range of issues of shared concern, including The dynamics of the security environment in NEA and Perspectives and challenges to the peace process on the Korean Peninsula.


Attending conference on “The Strategic Triangle in the Arctic”

Attending the SIPRI Webinar Series on “The Strategic Triangle in the Arctic” during the 7-10 September. Very interesting presentations and discussion on the interests of the Arctic and non-Arctic states, on Maritime transport and the changing geopolitical landscape, the changing geopolitical dynamics and military security challenges, and responses to the changing dynamics in the Arctic.


Seminar on Russian Deception and the Russian Notions of Future Wars.



The Land Warfare Research Group (LWRG) at the Swedish Defence University today organised a research seminar on “Russian Deception and the Russian Notions of Future Wars.” At the seminar Dr Markus Göransson, Assistant Professor at the Swedish Defence University and Convenor of the Russia and Eurasia Research Group presented two forthcoming articles on the respectively Russian deception and its notion of future wars.


Attedning webinar on “EU–China Relations in an Era of Connectivity”

On 2-3 Sep 2020 I was attending a webinar on “EU–China Relations in an Era of Connectivity”, co-organized by SIPRI and the China Institute of International Studies (CIIS).

The purpose of the webinars is to explore the extent to which EU–China relations have been evolving and may evolve in an era of connectivity. In particular, the webinars will focus on understanding the economic, political and strategic rationales that underpin connectivity agendas both in China and the EU and will explore pathways for promoting mutual interests.


Symposium – Hybrid Warfare in Georgia and Ukraine

Today my college Dr. Niklas Nilsson spoke on Hybrid Warfare in Ukraine and Georgia at the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences [Kungl Krigsvetenskapsakademin (KKrVA)].

Summary (in Swedish): LINK