Anthology: Advanced Land Warfare

Title: Advanced Land Warfare: tactics and operations
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Dr Mikael Weissmann, Head of Research / Deputy Head, Land Operations Section, The Swedish Defence University; Associate Professor of War Studies with a focus on military operations and Co-Convener of the Land Warfare Research Group (LWRG).
Dr Niklas Nilsson, Assistant Professor of War Studies and Co-Convenor of the Land Warfare Research Group (LWRG), The Swedish Defence University

International politics has become ever more volatile over the last decade, increasing the risk of large-scale military violence. Yet the precise character of future wars will depend on a range of factors that relate to adversaries, allies, technology, geographical scope and multiple domains of warfare. Few would question the fact that land forces will continue to be important in the foreseeable future. Recent wars in Eastern Ukraine, Syria, Mali, Yemen and Nagorno-Karabakh have shown that land forces have remained a crucial feature of warfare. However, given that the battlefield is in a state of transformation, so is the mission, purpose and utilisation of land forces. Indeed, serious questions are being asked about the future conduct of land warfare in the face of major, complex challenges and security threats.

The book will zero in on the evolving role of land forces, focusing particularly on the changes that have taken place in the art of commanding and executing combat and on the role of rapid technological innovation and information dissemination in shaping warfare. Furthermore, the editors consider it pertinent to revisit the established military theory and thinking (some of it neglected in recent years) with lessons learned from contemporary land warfare.

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