Land Warfare Research Group (LWRG)

Dr Mikael Weissmann
Head of Research / Deputy Head, Land Operations Section
Associate Professor in War Studies
The Swedish Defence University;
Dr Niklas Nilsson
Assistant Professor in War Studies, Land Operations Section
The Swedish Defence University

The Land Warfare Research Group (LWRG) is based at the Land Operations Section at the Swedish Defence University. The group aims to facilitate a creative environment uniting the knowledge of scholars and officers at the Swedish Defence University and beyond. In doing so it works in close collaboration with the Hybrid Warfare Research Group (HWRG).

The LWRG provides a framework for research activities, workshops and seminars, and contribute to research training and professional development for students in military and civilian programmes on all levels. It also contributes to executive education. The group also seeks to develop a network of leading experts and institutions – scholars and practitioners alike – interested in Land Warfare.

Members of the group give courses and lectures on topics related to Land Warfare for civil as well as military students, as well as to other audiences. A particular focus is on teaching at the Swedish Defence University’s Officers Program and the Higher Command and Staff Program.

Among others, we are focusing on the following areas:

  • Army tactics and operations (with existing resources and for the needs of the future).
  • Basic research on tactics and operations (particularly in the context of small states and inter-operability).
  • Hybrid warfare and hybrid threats in the grey-zone (including Total Defence).
  • Command and flexibility (esp. Mission Command).
  • Russian operations and tactics.
  • Urban warfare.
  • Military tactical thinking.
  • Emerging technologies.
  • Moral and ethical dimensions of land warfare.
  • Lessons learned from best-practice.
  • Pedagogics: how to best teach army tactics?

The group currently have three ongoing book-projects:


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