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Call for Papers: Land Warfare volume

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Dr Mikael Weissmann, Head of Research- and Deputy Head, Land Operations Section, Swedish Defence University; Associate Professor in War Studies with a focus on military operations.
Dr Niklas Nilsson, Assistant Professor of War Studies, Land Operations Section, Swedish Defence University. 

As international politics have become increasingly volatile over the last decade, the risk of large-scale military violence has increased. Yet the future character of war remains elusive, due to a range of multifaceted questions relating but not limited to adversaries, allies, technology, geographical scope and multiple domains of warfightingFew would question that large land forces will remain relevant for the foreseeable future, as vindicated in recent years in Eastern Ukraine, Syria, Mali, Yemen and most recently in Nagorno-Karabakh. However, given that the battlefield is in a state of transformation, so is the mission, purpose and utilization of land forces. Indeed, the future conduct of land warfare is subjected to serious and important questions  in the face of large and complex challenges and security threats.   

This anthology consists of two parts, the first focusing on land warfare in general and part two on country-based case studies addressing land tactics and operations in different national contexts. It covers areas such as the future of maneuver warfare, Military Tactical Thinking, Mission Command, Novel Technology, Urban Warfare, Military Leadership, hybrid warfare and the moral component of land warfare. Part two covers tactical thinking and experience in the context of modern preconditions for practicing army tactics and operations, with each chapter assessing army tactics today and in the future.   

Inviting leading international scholars and practitioners, this volume will synthesise the best of theory, best practice and personal experiences. The volume will, while relating to the realities of the modern battlefield, address a number of the key critical questions about the tactics and operations of land warfare. The anthology thus combines a conceptual basis with empirical examples of tactical thinking and practice in the same volume. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the perspectives of our side and out allies, as well as the thinking and practices of potential adversaries. 

By uniting the knowledge of leading scholars and military officers, this volume aims to provide a deeper understanding of the field and its best practices, as well as experiences from a wide set of empirical contexts. Mirroring this, the project while being based at the Land Warfare and Tactics Research Group at the Swedish Defence University, will bring together leading scholars and practitioners in the field from Europe, the US and beyond.  

The target audience for the book is scholars, military officers and security sector practitioners with an interest in land warfare. It assumes a basic understanding of army tactics among its readers, be it theoretical or practical. While the volume will be a peer-reviewed research anthology, it aims to be suitable as a set text or recommended reading for senior officer/higher staff courses, as well as education targeting security sector personnel and advanced university courses as well as others wanting to broaden their horizon in the area of land warfare.Sidbrytning 

We are looking for contributions particularly in the following areas (bot we are open for other suggestions):  

 Army tactics 

Different aspects of tactics (and operations), seen from the lens of the army/land warfare. Focus will be on the modern and future battlefield, critically discussing what tactics mean today. The chapters should be forward looking, with only a limited recapitulation of background and history.  

  • Novel Technology: Drones, AI, autonomous systems and beyond
  • Military Tactical Thinking 
  • Urban Warfare  
  • Irregular warfare & Low Intensity conflicts 
  • Hybrid Warfare/Grey Zone 
  • Military Leadership 
  • Military Ethics 

Case studies 

Case studies addressing land tactics and operations from a national army perspective. Focusing on tactical thinking and experience in the context of modern preconditions for practicing army tactics and operations. Each chapter will make an assessment of army tactics today and in the future.  We are looking for, among others: 

  • The United States    
  • Russia 
  • India 
  • France
  • The Baltics 
  • Finland 
  • Small state perspectives 
  • Other relevant cases 

 There is no set deadline and we will accept proposals on a rolling basis.  

 Send your proposals including abstract and a short bio to Dr Mikael  Weissmann, Do not hesitate to contact him if you want to discuss your proposal or have any other questions on the volume!