Hybrid warfare and hybrid threats

Challenges related to hybrid wars and hybrid threats are today something that is high up on both the Swedish and the international agenda. However, despite the attention, there is today a lack of a comprehensive approach on how such “new” wars and threats should be handled. While studies do exist addressing specific issues, a comprehensive approach to how hybrid wars and threats are to be handled are still lacking. This is particularly so when it comes to experience sharing between states. I aim to, with the Swedish Defence University as my base, contribute to the development of such a comprehensive approach.

This project aims to bridge between scholars and practitioners, as this is a field where extensive insights exist among insiders. By building a bridge, we will enhance both our knowledge about and ability to handle today’s hybrid challenges.

The project will develop networks and collaborations across disciplinary boundaries among researchers within and outside Sweden, as well as with relevant practitioners

Recent publications:
(2018). Hybrid Threats and Asymmetric Warfare : What to do? Conference proceedings from the conference “Hybrid Threats and Asymmetric Warfare: What to do?”, Stockholm 14-15 November, 2017.

(2015) “Global shadow war: a conceptual analysis”Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict, Vol. 8, Iss. 3, 2015 (with Markus Lyckman)