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My research the military, war and defence focus on military operations and tactics, with emphasise on ground operations and tactics. I have a particular interest in 1) military tactical thinking among officers, 2) the role of the armed forces to counter hybrid threats- and warfare, and 3) Army Tactics. I have also published on Shadow Wars and Strategic Communication at the Tactical Level.

My research on military tactical thinking is combining quantitative and qualitative methods to understand why officers think and act as they do on the battlefield with particular focus on the tendency to have an offensive bias among army officers.

My research on the role of the armed forces to counter hybrid threats and warfare was triggered by the emergence of a debate on the grey zone, the area between war and peace where current and future conflict largely play out. I have here co-organised a conference in Stockholm 2017 (URL) and co-organise one with the Polish War Study University in 2019 (URL). I have a forthcoming anthology with I.B. Tauris titled Hybrid Warfare: Security and Asymmetric Conflict in International Relations (Forthcoming, 2021). I am here currently focusing on the role of the armed forces to counter hybrid threats and warfare to include in-depth case studies of the Swedish context and to bring in experiences and lessons from other countries.

In the area of Army tactics, I have secured funding for an edited volume on “Advanced Land Warfare: Operations and Tactics” which bring together the Land Warfare Research Group (LWRG) at the Swedish Defence University with leading scholars from different countries in Europe, the US and Asia. (Call for Papers, Land Warfare) I am also the editor for a publication on “Leading Ground Operations” published in Swedish in The Proceedings and Journal of the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences.


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